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What are the differences between sofa sleepers and daybeds?

Metal daybedNow that we have discussed the differences in various styles of sleeper sofas, let's contrast them to a daybed. The two furniture concepts are frequently confused. While a sleeper sofa/futon/adjustable sofa can create a full, queen or king size sleeping surface, daybeds are, by design, a single size (or twin) bed. They actually use traditional mattresses that sit on what is called a "top deck". To overcome this size limitation, many daybeds feature trundles to add additional sleeping space. Sometimes, these trundles can "pop up" to the same height as the main surface of the daybed to form what is, essentially, a short king. Most of the time, they simply roll out another twin from underneath the main surface.

This allows two people to have sleeping spaces. Along with trundle options, some daybeds offer storage drawers under the main Upholstered daybed with trundlesleeping surface. Daybeds also have a sitting space. However, to accommodate a twin mattress, this space is deep from front to back, making it an awkward sitting area. Daybeds use a top deck style mattress support. Much of the time, these are trampoline, or link spring style support systems. Fine for sleeping, not so much for sitting. When not using a flexible mattress support, they use a foundation style support that has no give. Again, not optimum for sitting. Daybeds can range in price from around $250 to as much as $1000, depending on design. The sofas give you a very good sitting space, when not in use for sleeping. Cosmetically, daybeds can be quite attractive. They can add a statement to a room. But if you need a space to sit, they may not be the best choice.

There is a a larger version called a "lounge" bed. These are full or queen size beds designed to look like a daybed. Longe bedWhile giving the "feel" of a daybed, they are really not designed as sitting surfaces. Queen Lounge Bed with twin trundleDeciding whether to get a sleeper/futon/adjustable sofa, or a daybed, really depends on your situation and room design. While traditional mattresses can be used on daybeds, daybed designed mattresses provide additional edge reenforcement to compensate for the fact that the edge of the mattress is used for sitting.

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