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Originally conceived in the 1890's, Deer Park remained a quiet little whistle stop of about 25 people all the way up to 1922. It has exploded to an incorporated city of almost 40,000 today. This exponential growth has been fueled (literally) by the petrol-chemical industry and the local economy driven by the presence of Shell Oil's refineries.

Shell Oil Refinery in Deer Park, TX
Life in Deer Park is not all about refineries!
Life in Deer Park is not all about refineries!
With this growth, comes the need for housing (there were only 4 houses in 1922) and furniture to go into those houses. To that end, We are proud to service the La Porte/Deer Park/Pasadena area.

"We use our furniture every day. Furniture actually performs a job. What many overlook is that furniture is not just function, it is form as well. In other words; that recliner is not just a place to sit. It may be a focal point of your day. When you come home from a long day, being able to slide into your recliner, or sink into your chaise lounge, or just plop down on your sofa, is a significant factor in what the furniture means to you.
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"Do not forget the esthetics when you are choosing your furniture. Consider how it makes you feel. It should feel good to you both physically, but also emotionally. In short, choose furniture that appeals to you. Choose that sofa because you like it, not just because it is the cheapest thing you can find. If you do not like it, you will not use it. If you don't use it, no matter how little you paid for it, it is a waste of money.

"If, on the other hand, you really do like the pieces you choose. It does not matter the initial cost. Over time, the value of almost all furniture becomes worth the original expense. If that sofa gets used every night to cuddle up on, and makes you feel joyful, if every night, you can't wait to get home to enjoy your evening meal at a dinette that makes you feel like you are "home", it does not matter if it was $300 or $3000 when you purchased it. It is doing its job.
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"This is especially true when you are choosing your mattress. When you select a mattress that calls out to you to climb in and go to sleep. That is a great choice. The price of the mattress should never be the sole factor in the mattress you choose. A mattress is a personal choice. If it feels good to you, you have chosen the right mattress. Think long term. Invest more of your budget in your mattress, than any other individual piece of furniture you are buying. You will spend up to 1/3rd of your life using it. Do not buy a mattress just for looks (unless of course it is going into a guest room). Find out what is inside it, and certainly try it out. We offer a wide variety of excellent choices in stock. "
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