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What is Gel-Infusion Mattress Technology?

Gel-infusion is a relatively new innovation.

Ever since NASA implemented memory foam technology for comfort in their space capsules, mattress manufacturers have been adapting it to benefit consumers. (see our discussion on memory foam mattresses). Gel infusion tech is based on the idea of injecting cooling gel in between the open cell structure of the semi-viscous memory foam.

Gel Infusion PFBB Furniture Forum
When Gel Infusion is done correctly, it provides a cooler sleeping experience

Like various memory foam production techniques, some of this tech works, and some of it falls short of the target. Poorly designed memory foam does not allow airflow through the mattress. While cheap to make, the mattress, unable to 'breathe' gets uncomfortably hot. Mattress engineers developed the concept of gel-infusion in an attempt to keep the production cost on the mattresses as low as possible. Unfortunately, low cost infusion also fails to live up to expectations.

What did occur, was a bit more expensive technique that does work. While it fails to make the poorly designed memory foam mattresses any better, when used on higher-end memory foam and memory foam hybrid mattresses, it performs as expected. It is important that you choose your higher-end mattress by quality as opposed to marketing. Some major name manufacturers have been found to be misrepresenting their gel mattresses. It doesn't matter whose name is on the bed if the tech doesn't work!

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