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Discussions, articles, and videos about furniture and furniture buying.
Topics include:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
How and what to buy for specific rooms and general purpose.
Furniture construction, maintenance, and design.
Upholstery coverings and cleaning.
Trends and directions of furniture designs.
Room groupings.
Mattress options and buying.
Furniture Videos
General furniture topics.
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FAQ's       PFBB Frequently Asked
Solid woods used in furniture construction and their characteristics

What is solid wood?
Furniture construction materials

What is veneering?
Short Video on veneering technique (courtesy Museum of Fine Arts Boston)
The Gordon Russell Design Museum offers an excellent presentation on "How Furniture is Made"
Best Home Furnishings wood Glider/Rocker manufacturing video
Upholstery coverings
The differences between 'sleeper' sofas, futons, and adjustable sleep sofas.
Daybeds versus sleeper sofas
Different types of recliners
Mass produced furniture versus made-to-order furniture
Should I buy a soft mattress or a firm mattress?
Differences between memory foam mattresses
What is 'Gel Infusion' technology?
What is a 'Hybrid' Mattress?
Why should I buy a queen mattress instead of a full (double) mattress?
This mattress is for my child, does it really matter what mattress I buy?

Furniture as fashion, keeping up with the Louis Philippes and Queen Anns
Is your office your home? Ways to personalize your home work-space with furniture.

The differences between commercial, and home, office furniture.
Using lamps, rugs, mirrors, and paintings, to accessorize your room.