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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
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Q: What are your store hours?

Q:What are your store hours?

A: Our brick and motor store hours are from 10-6:30 M-F and 9:30-6 on Saturday (during Income Tax Refund Sale days, we may be open some Sundays from 12-5:00 to accommodate demand)

Q: How can we contact you?

A: Our phone # is 713-473-1903, eMail is
        You can also visit our CONTACT PAGE for more ways to reach us.

Q: Are you a used, or antique, furniture store?

A: Our store offers new furniture. We represent manufacturers from 250 brand names.

Q: Do you deliver?

A: Yes, we can deliver. We deliver in our own trucks. Store staff perform deliveries (and set-ups if requested). We do not use third party delivery services. We also offer store pickup at no additional charge.

Q: How far do you deliver?

We will deliver however far you need us. If a truck can get there, so can we! If you are too far out of state, we can also ship to you.

Q: Where can we get ideas and suggestions for room designs and furniture options?
A: Visit our Pinterest Pages for concepts in room design, color coordination, and furniture layout, as well as decor ideas. Then stop back by our main site to select your furniture.

Q: Do you have everything you show on your website on display in your store?

A: We have the most requested items where customers can see them. Unfortunately, no one store could display everything from every manufacturer. What we don't have on display is still available to you.

Q: How much is your furniture?
A: We are a discount furniture store. We offer very competitive prices and the best value in town!

Q: Why aren't all your prices listed on your website?
A: Our staff is dedicated to delivering the best furniture at the best prices. We offer so many items that change price on a frequent basis, we would be spending the majority of our time updating pricing rather than serving our customers! Our customers come first.

Q: How are you able to sell your furniture at such low prices?
We are a "no frills" store. We rely on customer referrals and recommendations, both by word of mouth, and through the internet and social media. We do not advertise on the radio, TV, or in the newspaper. All of those things add substantial cost to the furniture. No matter what anyone says, if it costs money, that expense is built into the price of the furniture. The more a store spends, the more they have to charge in order to cover that expense,

Q: Do you offer financing?
A: Yes. We offer both traditional financing, as well as non-traditional financing

Q: Do you have lay-a-way?
A: Yes. We have a very flexible, no-charge lay-a-way program. Lay-a-way is an excellent way to avoid price increases on your furniture.

Q: What do you have to put down to start a lay-a-way, and how long can you keep something in lay-a-way?
A: You can start your lay-a-way with any amount down. Of course the more you put down, the faster you get your furniture out of lay-a way. There is no time limit on our lay-a-ways. As long as you stay active, we will maintain your lay-a-way for you.

Q: What is the difference between a king size mattress and a California king size
A: Standard king size beds (also known as Eastern king) are wider than California king beds. California king beds are narrower and longer. One of our manufacturers lists their king mattresses as 74.5" x 78" and their California king as 70.5" x 82". (Mattresses are measured approximately, much like lumber 2x4s)

Q: Why do you have two addresses for your store?
A: The 713 Southmore address is the address of our billboard. It is about 50 yards from our storefront which is on a side street called Center. Southmore is a major street. Center is a small side street. There is a famous street of the same name in a nearby city, that sometimes confuses drivers and GPS units. If you are putting in our 1216 Center address, be sure to use our 77506 zip code! You can also bring up our handy directions here.

Q: Do you discount?
A: YES! We are a discount store.

Q: Do I have to pay Sales Tax?
A: We are a legitimate, certified retailer in the State of Texas and are required to collect Sales Tax for the state, on all non tax exempt, in-state sales.

The manufacturer, Ashley Furniture Industries, has also provided us with questions frequently asked of them, regarding their motion (reclining) furniture. Here is a link to those:
FAQ on Ashley Motion

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