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Accessorizing your room with lamps, rugs, and art
by Terry Canup

In theater, television, and movie production this is referred to as "dressing the set". That is, creating the impression that the space the audience or camera sees, is a complete room or actual location. Without this "dressing", the viewer instantly recognizes this is not a normal space, and the illusion of reality is fractured. The same concept applies to creating your own living space.

While you will not fracture the feeling of reality, you will also not feel as if the space is natural, personalized, and complete, without adding the finishing touches to your room. Like watching a movie and there are no trees, cars, or street lights on main street, so a room without wall treatments, rugs or lamps, does not feel normal.
Personalized treatments in your room make it your
Even sterile rooms in hospitals have art on the walls, mirrors, and individualized lighting. The space you live in should feel comfortable to you and make a statement to you, when you walk into it. Whether the floors are carpeted, wood, composite, tile, or concrete, a good rug can call attention to areas you designate. Find a rug that compliments the colors of the room and the furniture within. It can make those items pop by making them stands out to the eye, or make them blend into the background.
Dressing a room with lamps, rugs and art
You can also use rugs and lights as subliminal directional devices to lead your guests gently to where you wish them to be (or to sit). Once there, you can convey the impression you wish to make with the appropriate wall decorations, statuary, and lighting. They key is to tie it all together with your furniture to form a complete space or room.

There are a wide variety of mirrors that can dictate the image of the room equally as well as any rug, fixture, or solid piece of furniture. There are mounted wall mirrors, dresser mounted mirrors, tri-fold mirrors, free standing mirrors, and wall leaning mirrors. There are mirrors that are their own pieces of art. Each mirror serves its own unique purpose, but mirrors in general increase the perspective of size in a room. The eye is fooled into thinking you are in a larger space than you actually are. Mirrors also serve to reflect and distribute light. Careful use of mirrors can accentuate areas of the room to which you want people to pay attention. They can help hide the weak points of a room.
                art can make a room yours
Once you do this, you can make it feel like a home, or an office, or a clinic, or a workout space. You have virtually infinite possibilities open to you just by changing fixtures, furniture, and room "dressing".

Give us a call. We'll help you put it all together. (713-473-1903) Take a look at some of our suggestions on Pinterest.

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