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This mattress is for my child, does it really matter what mattress I buy?

Children pose a difficult dilemma for parents pocketbooks.
On the one hand, you want to be as cost conscious as possible when buying furniture for your child. After all, the child will eventually outgrow whatever you buy for them. On the other hand, you do not want to buy insufficient furniture for them. That just causes you to spend even more dollars replacing the original pieces.

Fortunately, mattresses are a slightly different case. Generally, you are buying twin size mattresses for your kids. These are relatively inexpensive pieces to begin with. Additionally, if you make a small investment in a higher quality mattress, they may have the use of it well into their 20s. If the child is very young, and still has bladder control issues, there are three ways to go.

Option one: Buy a very inexpensive mattress knowing you will be replacing it fairly quickly.
Option two: Buy a vinyl clad "waterproof" mattress you can simply wipe down
Option three: Choose whatever mattress level with which you feel comfortable. Then cover it with a "waterproof" mattress cover.

All three have advantages and disadvantages. Option one is less expensive upfront, but can end up being the most costly, depending on how often you end up replacing the mattress. Option two is an excellent choice, but limited on the selection of quality of mattress. "Waterproof" mattresses are quite a bit more upfront than the budget option, but you will likely only replace it once, when the child learns control. Option three can be more expensive depending on the mattress you choose, but the child will be more comfortable, so that they develop better sleeping habits.

If the children are older, you should maximize the quality-per-dollar selection on your mattresses. The more you invest (to a point) in your child's mattress in the beginning, the less expensive overall it is' over their lifetime. Buy a good quality mattress in the beginning, and you may never have to replace it until they move up to a queen. They will also grow up happier and healthier from better sleep.

It all depends on your budget. Only you know your pocket book. We are happy to consult on your individual needs!

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