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Room Groupings

Many rooms lend themselves to packaged furniture groupings

Living room groups are a popular choice. Usually, this consists of a sofa, loveseat, coffee/cocktail table, and 2 end tables. Sometimes, lamps are also included. Stores offer these packages to make it easy for the customer. It also helps the store keep a balanced inventory. Sometimes they offer more than one choice in a price point. Many stores offer tiered pricing to fit various budgets.

The advantage to a good grouping is that it can convey a consistent look to the room. Carefully thought out groupings will put complimentary, or contrasting, items together that make a statement about the room as you walk in. In reality, however, most stores do not take the time to create such a grouping. What you end up with looks to be random items clustered together to meet a price.

If you are buying temporary furniture for limited time use, these quick living room groupings can be an excellent value. If, on the other hand, you are buying furniture for long term use (some furniture can last through multiple generations), Then work with a room consultant, or piece the room together yourself. After all, you are the one that's going to be using it, and looking at it for years to come.

While these living room packages are convenient (we also offer them), you should consider separate choices in each type of furniture.

Dining rooms are also offered in groups. These groups can consist of table and chairs, buffet and hutch and a side server. Unlike upholstery/table/lamp/accessory groupings, generally, the best way to buy a complete dining room, is as a set. While you can interchange the servers and buffets, it is very difficult to style/finish match to a specific table set, using two different manufacturers. This is not to say that you cannot do it. It is just simpler to go with the original manufacturer's grouping. However, if you are looking to create a contrast effect, that is certainly possible, and can be quite stunning.

Bedrooms are frequently offered and bought as complete sets. However, it is much easier to blend bedroom pieces, than it is dining room. I have seen bedrooms consisting of pieces from 7 different manufacturers, that look outstanding as a complete room. The bedroom is the room most people do mix and match purchases. However, complete bedrooms sets do represent extensive design work to create a mood and effect. This does require a larger budget in the beginning. Fortunately, traditional bedroom styles do maintain a long lifespan. If a primary manufacturer discontinues their group, likely a competitor will still offer an equivalent product. So leaving off a nightstand, or a chest from the group during the original purchase in order to hit a budget, is not usually an issue over the medium term

On the other hand, contemporary bedroom groups, by their very nature, change much more frequently. They are more of a fashion statement. Many times they are produced with the idea in mind that it will be issued to see how well it is accepted by the public. Other groups are done with the 'single production run' concept. This means that once that run is done, you may never see that specific group again. In this case, it is a wise idea to get as much of the group as you can in the beginning and perhaps put the pieces you cannot afford upfront, on lay-a-way.

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