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Customizing your Office with Furniture
by Terry Canup

You can greatly improve your productivity by creating a work-space that makes you feel comfortable

Studies have shown, the more comfortable you are in your work-space, the more productive you tend to be. Comfort is greatly effected by your surroundings. If you have attractive, functional furniture on which to work, the easier it becomes to be more comfortable. The furniture you choose depends on who you are, what you are trying to accomplish and the layout of the room itself.
Customize your office to the room and your needs
For example, if you are doing accounting, you want a generous amount of table top space. You also may want computer furniture and ample drawers. Additionally, you will want file cabinets and shelving. The type of furniture you choose in order to accomplish this, can vary greatly. Are you seeing clients there? If so, making a good impression may be important. If not, sheer functionality may be your first choice. Again, it is what makes YOU comfortable.
Functional workspaces can make you more productive
You want the work-space to invite you in to do your work. If it is completely unappealing, you will tend to avoid going into it at all, or, once there, do your best to leave as quickly as possible. So, choose furniture you are going to like. Furniture you are going to want to be around. Furniture that allows you to feel at ease in the space.

This will be the same no matter what your primary task. If you are doing creative work, structure the room so that your mind is not distracted by the furniture itself. Create an environment you can escape into. For each person, this will be different. Some may want rich woods, others, contemporary bright space. Determine how and what you will need for your task, first.
Feel comfortbale in your home office
Then, when shopping, go with your gut feeling of what will work for you. Generally speaking, this will be a correct choice for you. Augment your room with complimentary lighting and wall/window dressings appropriate to your choices. Make it your space. Experiment, see what works and expand on it. Evaluate your space and see how much of and what type of furniture will fit.

Then lay it out in your mind. Put a rough sketch down on a piece of paper. Use crayon on a napkin or draw it up in AutoCad, if that is what works for you. This is YOUR work-space. If you are going to be using equipment, make sure you choose furniture that is both functional to the pieces you are going to use, and ergonomic to your body and work movement.

We are delighted to provide you assistance in putting your space together. Do not hesitate to consult with us.

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